Renovation, reconstruction, modernization

Increase the value of your property. 

When you renovate your building, it’s usually more than just repairing damaged components.

Thanks to various modernization measures in heat, noise and fire protection, you can not only increase your comfort of life, but also save energy and create more security.


Stop wasting your money!

An average private household uses most of its energy for heating. Efficient insulation is therefore the most important factor in saving energy and thus also costs.

A crucial prerequisite for this is that the building envelope (masonry, roof, windows, doors) is optimally insulated and the system technology (heating, ventilation, hot water) harmonizes with it.

Storm or fire damage on buildings

The numbers and intensity of storms, thunderstorms and fire damage have been increased in the last years, which could damage often your properties.

We are there to help you and fix all your damage as soon as possible. We can support you as well in the communication with your insurance company, you just need to ask us for some help.