Wooden halls

Whether in industry, handcraft, agriculture or for municipal objects: Large spans are usually required when building halls.

Due to their low weight and high load capacity, they can be realized quickly and economically with wooden structures. In addition to economic aspects, the clients also rely on the plus points in terms of ecology, aesthetics and well-being.

Indeed, the wooden structure rooms radiate warmth and openness. And customers, visitors and employees appreciate it. All arts of halls as: riding halls, warehouses, productions halls or agricultural utility halls (cow stables and calf stables) can we built by using modern wood components; such as: glulam or truss girders with large, column-free spans can be erected, as well as Kerto LVL – laminated veneer lumber.

These services are for both new construction and for renovation of halls, from the overall shell to roofing and facade design.


Qualitative and high quality.

The various options in planning a cowshed (dairy barn) are very different and customer-specific. From 3-row pens, 4-rows pens or even 6-rows cowsheds can be easily built from wood.

Whether it is a robotic barn or a cow barn with a milking parlor, are no problems, we are pleasured to advice you. In addition, animal comfort is very important to us, which means that we will discuss lighting / ventilation systems and sleeping comfort with you.

With our new 6-axis carpenter robot (CNC), we are able to manufacture glulam up to 20m,which means that buildings can also be designed as self-supporting structures.

Horse stables, riding arenas, outdoor boxes

Diverse models in the horse stable area thanks to our new woodworking robot (joinery machine) up to 20 m wood length. We are able to produce self-supporting constructions up to 40 m span (e.g. riding halls).

We also offer a well thought out riding gang. The interior of a stable can be designed as you wish. Whether single or double boxes with paddock access, pivoting partitions, free storage space for hay and straw or closed rooms such as tack and concentrate storage, everything can be implemented according to customer requirements.

The outside boxes, whether mono-pitch or saddle roof, are partially closed on three sides, so the horses have a good sun protection on the meadow. The side wall cladding is mostly made of strong, stable block logs or, if desired, from board and batten cladding and the roof covering from fibre cement profiled sheeting, which are noise-insulating.

Individual planning according to customer requirements.