CNC wood joining center - Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 1250

On request, the wood can be cut with our new generation cutter Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 1250. 

Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 1250 joinery machine

With our new 6-axis machining center.

Thanks to our new additional computer-controlled machining center, the 6-axis carpentry robot Robot Drive, the latest technology in woodworking is used in our carpentry business, which can process simple wood connections and from 20 x 50 mm to 300 x 1250 mm of timber sections up to a length of 20 m.

Your project, we provide you with the material that exactly corresponds to it.

If you have a drawing program (CAD) with which you can send us the work preparation file by e-mail in the BVN file format or, even better, BVX2 for Hundegger Robot Drive, we will carry out the short-term wages for you. in the BVN file format or, even better, BVX2 for Hundegger Robot Drive. We will carry out your joinery in the short term.

If you don’t have CAD software, please contact us,we can digitally measure and draw for you so that you receive the finished assembly plans from us, including the mounting material.

The solid construction timber (KVH) and possibly the glulam (BSH) that we have in stock for you in our large timber warehouse, will be packaged precisely and cost-effectively after the joinery and, by arrangement, even delivered by our crane vehicles or trailers including forklift trucks.