Low energy passive houses

We build the low energy wooden house of your dreams. We offer timber frame houses and CLT cross laminated timber houses. 

We cut wood to measure in our machining center, equipped by our cutting machine new generation Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 1250. 

Cross-laminated timber CLT Houses

99.4% of wood and 0.6% of adhesive, i.e. cross laminated wood, a monolithic building material. And so it’s a piece of wood. This facilitates planning and construction. All details can be solved easily.

The physics of the planned buildingis practically easy to realise and can easily be inspected. No complexity of construction. No leaves. No complicated details. Construction is as simple as it is planned.

Many planners and construction companies see the possibility of pre-assembly, the dry construction and the short assembly times as a major advantage.

BBS constructions meet the requirements of passive and low energy standards with low construction resistances and thus allow a larger volume of space.

The increased use of wood as a sustainable building material, with its energy saving and CO2 neutral properties, represents an active contribution to climate protection.

Timber frame construction houses

Save energy and feel good.

Wood is a product of nature, a material that exudes liveliness and offers a pleasant living atmosphere. Building with wood combines tradition and innovation. 

With the appropriate know-how and modern CAD-controlled joinery technology, a large number of architectural solutions can be created in a short time for different needs. The knowledge of this material-related processing has been passed on and optimized from generation to generation.

That’s how the wooden frame construction created and it’s became a contemporary construction system.

The walls, including the windows, doors, ceilings and roof elements of a wooden house, are prefabricated in different sizes of elements in our production halls, then loaded onto our low-loader trucks and transported to the site. where they are assembled as soon as possible.

The prefabrication of wooden components is independent of the weather, which allows greater processing precision and production on time.

The considerable reduction in construction time and the dry construction method enable the client to move into his new house early.

House construction stages



House building