Facade system

Facades types : wood, stone, PVC, composite

Diverse and inspiring

Different surfaces, shapes and colors open up new design options. Whether new or old, facade systems give your home a unique face. The era of boring facades is over. Whether you are planning a new building or want to renovate your property: With our facade systems you can be unrestricted by designing your facade.

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Facades in wood structure - Panel wood structure

Whether it is an old or new building – the panels are preferably used in the renovation of old buildings and facades, but also give new buildings a modern and attractive appearance. 

It is durable, easy to care for and extremely resistant. The ideal solution for facade renovation of older buildings. Easily and quickly installed, each old building with panels gets a new, permanently beautiful face. The panel with wooden structure is also an attractive alternative to wood and plaster for the facade design of new buildings. 

Panels are made from high-quality plastics in an environmentally friendly manner. While a classic wooden facade has to be repainted regularly, the panel facade retains its radiance for many years.

Facades in natural stone structure

Facades in timeless plaster surface

Curtain-type rear ventilated facade

Invest in your future – your own home

It should be eye-catching and beautiful, air-permeable and yet insulating, durable and sustainable – your new facade. The principle of curtain-type rear ventilated facade. 

Curtain-type rear ventilated facade are not placed directly on the exterior wall, but on slats as a substructure. Air circulates continuously through the gap, which makes it possible to eliminate humidity and even to dry the already wet walls.

The laying technique is uncomplicated. The facade systems can be installed by us in the shortest possible tile – in dry construction without much noise and dirt. The facade systems are screwed together so that in case of dismantling, all materials can be easily separated from each other and recycled or disposes of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Depending on the wall structure and the thickness of the insulation elements, a U-value up to 0.16 can be achieved.. In addition, up to 11 decibels of external noise can be filtered out.

HAMvhf ventilated rear facade

What makes plastic facade systems so economical? 

Admittedly: once installed, our insulated facades are more expensive than the costs of thermal insulated composite systems made of plaster (ETICS). But after just a few years, it is clear that the maintenance costs for ETICS clearly exceed the total cost.

The facade systems do not need regular repainting. There are also no costs for removing mold or repairing damaged plaster. And certainly no extra fees for disposal of a future facade renovation. 

In this way, you invest in your future. Your new facade will be happy.